36 Saints (Film)                                      Police Officer                                    Active Fox Productions

Deadly Sins (TV)                                    Tina Hermann                                   IvD Discovery Channel

Constantinople 1453 (Film)                         Theoni                                         Byzantine Crown Productions   

Another Round Talk Show (TV)                    Co-Host                                       Baltimore City Local Cable

Hard Lessons (Film)                                    Gina                                             Susan Smith Productions

Forest For The Trees (Film)                         Barbara                                            Slater Productions

Actor’s Reality Improv Comedy” (TV)        Multi-Comedic Character                   Manhattan Local Cable


Montana                                  Susan / Lead                          The Richmond Sheppard Theatre  ATA NYC

A Hatful of Rain                    Celia Pope / Lead                       Vagabond Players Theatre (Steve Yeager)

Development Soup         Dara Clara Banwitter / Lead              The Richmond Sheppard Theatre NYC

The Haunting of Hill House       Theodora/ Lead                      Vagabond Players Theatre (L. Chambers)

Extremities                                     Terri                                 Audrey Herman’s Theatre MD

Les Blancs                              Dr.
Marta Gotterling                  Theatre Project Baltimore MD

I Reme
mber Mama                      Aunt Trina                           Inscape Theatre MD

What IF (Godmother)                Godmother (WIG)/ Lead      Chernuchin Theatre 

Sex, Relationships & Sometimes Love      Gina                         Producer’s Club / 45th Street Theatre NYC

Troilus & Cressida                    Helen / Aeneas                        Hudson Shakespeare Company    NJ

Peculiar Passion                            Lynn                                 The Abingdon Theatre (TAPNYC

Spoofs & Things Comedy Showcase     Wanda                      The Abingdon Theatre (Bobby Holder)         

arnival                                 Wanda’s Heart                         TBG Theatre (TAP NYC)

Beltway Roulette                      Celeste / Lead                         Spotlighter’s Theatre    (Mark Scharf)

Measure for Measure          Nun Francesca and The Judge      Main Stage   (Michael Rogers)

Queen Takes Castle or Sex & Pizza       Katherine                     Lida Lee Tall Studio  (Jimi Kintsle)

Variations of Fear                   Gloria and Claudia                    Run of the Mill Theatre (Dwight Cook)

Furlough                               Connie Kramer
Adams               Baltimore Women’s Theatre Project

Beyond the Ingénue               Queen Media / Lead                Theatre Project (Dick Gillespie)

Blood Wedding                       Mother in Law                         Turin-Lamb Theatre (David Mitchell)

3 Consecutive Tours               Many Lead Roles                      Catalyst Theatre Company MD

Spokesperson / Hosting / Print Credits for National Campaign etc. (Conflicts upon request) 


Bachelor of Fine Art                                 Drama                                           Towson University

Bachelor of Science                     Television & Video Production                    Stevenson University

Audition Coach: Nyle Lynn       Dramatic Technique – John Glover            Shakespeare – Michael Rogers  


Roller Derby, Roller Skating, Roller Blade, Modern Dance and Fire Arms.   Light Experience with Mixed Martial Arts, Stage Combat, Flag Twirling, , Gymnastics, Flamingo Dancing and Ballet.  Other Skills include: Lighting & Set design, Business Management (Managed 52 teamsters & former business owner) Can write forward & backward at the same time

Dialects: New York, American Southern, Baltimore, Cockney, Urban Slang and “Speaking” Deaf

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